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082 0 4 _a353.70971
100 1 _aGaspard, Helaina,
245 1 0 _aCanada's Official Languages :
_bPolicy Versus Work Practice in the Federal Public Service /
_cHelaina Gaspard.
260 _aOttawa :
_bUniversity of Ottawa Press,
300 _axi, 145 p. :
_bill. ;
_c23 cm.
440 _aPolitics and Public Policy
500 _aAlso available in electronic format.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 _a"This book is the first in-depth study of the implementation of the policy in the federal public service from 1967 to 2013 in the National Capital Region. Its analysis of language policy confronting actors, ideas, and institutions explains the state of the language of work in the public service today. Canada's official languages legislation fundamentally altered the composition and operational considerations of federal institutions.
505 _aThrough an historical institutionalist lens based on extensive archival research and semi-structured interviews, Gaspard shows that the implementation of official languages policy in the federal public service could not challenge the predominance of English as the operating language. What emerges is a picture of a lack of structural change, inadequate managerial engagement, and a false sense that both official languages are equally ingrained.
505 _aThis is an incisive, original, and deeply honest study of a defining characteristic in Canada's public service. A must read for all engaged with the federal public service and interested in official languages policy in general." (Book Cover)
505 _aPreface by Graham Fraser
505 _aIntroduction
505 _aOfficial Languages and the Federal Public Service
505 _a1. Theoretical Foundations
_tThe Politics of Language
_tRepresentative Bureaucracy
_tHistorical Institutionalism and Layering
505 _a2. Check Your Hat and Your Language at the Door (1867-1967)
505 _aIntroduction
505 _aThe Early Civil Service
505 _aHistorical Context
_tThe Strike at Trois-Rivières
_tErnest Lapointe - Prime Minister King's Quebec Lieutenant
_tL'Ordre Jacques Cartier
_tThe Jean Committee
505 _aEarly Reform Efforts
505 _aThe Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, and Prime Minister Pearson's Promise
505 _aConclusion
505 _a3. The Official Languages Act, 1969 (1968-1972)
505 _aIntroduction
505 _aAdopting the OLA 1969
505 _aCharting a Course for Implementation
_tFrench-Language Units (FLUs)
_tBilingual Districts
505 _aLinguistic Designation of Positions
505 _aConclusion
505 _a4. If At First You Don't Succeed, Layer, Layer, and Then Layer Again (1973-1981)
505 _aIntroduction
505 _aThe 1973 Parliamentary Resolution on Official Languages
505 _aDecentralizing Program Management
505 _aThe Gens de l'Air Crisis and National Unity
505 _aReorganizing and Restructuring the Public Service
505 _aManagement-centric Changes to the Official Languages Program (1981)
505 _aConclusion
505 _a5. The OLA 1988 and Part V: The Right to Choose Your Language of Work (1982-2013)
505 _aIntroduction
505 _aMaintaining the Status Quo
505 _aPrime Minister Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives and the Official Languages Act
505 _aThe Official Languages Act, 1988
505 _aPart V: Official Language of Work Rights
505 _aImplementing Part V
505 _aGiving Meaning to Part V
505 _aConclusion
505 _aCONCLUSION: Ideas, Institutions, and Actors
505 _aAppendix: Principal Actors
_tDepartment of the Secretary of State
_tTreasury Board Secretariat
_tPublic Service Commission (PSC)
_tOffice of the Commissioner of Official Languages
_tStaff Unions
505 _aBibliography
505 _aIndex
530 _aIssued also in electronic format.
610 1 0 _aCanada.
_tOfficial Languages Act.
610 1 6 _aCanada.
610 1 0 _aCanada.
_tOfficial Languages Act (1988)
610 1 6 _aCanada.
630 0 7 _aOfficial Languages Act (Canada : 1988)
650 0 _aLanguage policy
650 7 _aEmployees
650 7 _aLanguage and languages
_xLaw and legislation.
650 7 _aLanguage policy.
651 0 _aCanada
_xOfficials and employees
651 0 _aCanada
_xLaw and legislation.
651 7 _aCanada.
856 _uhttps://press.uottawa.ca/en/9780776623351/canadas-official-languages/
_zPublisher's Website.
856 _uhttps://ocul-uo.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01OCUL_UO/s28b5q/alma991021281499705161
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