Trilingual Primary Education in Europe : Some Developments with Regard to the Provisions of Trilingual Primary Education in Minority Language Communities of the European Union / edited by Idske Bangma, Cor van der Meer, and Alex Riemersma. - 1st ed. - Leeuwarden, NL : Fryske Akademy, 2011. - 182 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

Authors: Siv Björklund, Annabella Cabianca, Jasone Cenoz, Sabina Ehrhart, Xabier Etxague, Maria Juan-Garau, Georg Gombos, Alex Riemersma, Jordi Suïls Subirià, Gabriella Vernetto, Carmen Pérez-Vidal, Sieta de Vries, and Alastair Walker.
Editors: Idske Bangma, Cor van der Meer and Alex Riemersma.

"This study aims to describe the actual state of the art of trilingual primary schooling in a number of multilingual regions in Europe in the first decade of the 21st century. This study is essentially an update of the study which reflected the situation at the turn of the century (Beetsma 2002). Around 10 years later, a renewed study with a double function seemed necessary: an updated version of the previous study and a guide towards new developments in terms of language planning and educational practices. In addition, this present study wants to define some relevant areas and topics of study in the field of multilingual education that should be put on the research agenda of the next decade." (p. 7) CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1: Swedish immersion as a way to promote early multilingualism in Finland / 1.1 Context
1.2 Input
1.3 Process
1.4 Output
1.5 Additional Information
1.6 References
Siv Björklund Chapter 2: Third language learning and trilingual education in the Basque Country / 2.1 Context
2.2 Input
2.3 Process

2.4 Output
2.5 References Jasone Cenoz and Xabier Etxague Chapter 3: Trilingual primary education in Fryslân / 3.1 Context
3.2 Input
3.3 Process
3.4 Output
3.5 Additional Information
3.6 References
Alex Riemersma and Sieta de Vries Chapter 4: Trilingual primary education in Catalonia / 4.1 Context
4.2 Input
4.3 Process
4.4 Output
4.5 Additional Information
4.6 References Carmen Pérez-Vidal and Maria Juan-Garau Chapter 5: Trilingual primary education in Aosta Valley / 5.1 Context
5.2 Input
5.3 Process
5.4 Output
5.5 Additional Information
5.6 References
Annabella Cabianca and Gabriella Vernetto Chapter 6: Trilingual primary education in the Aran Valley: Occitan, Catalan and Spanish / 6.1 Context
6.2 Input
6.3 Process
6.4 Output
6.5 Additional Information
6.6 References Jordi Suïls Subirà Chapter 7: Trilingual primary education in the Balearic Islands / 7.1 Context
7.2 Input
7.3 Process
7.4 Output
7.5 References Maria Juan-Garau and Carmen Pérez Vidal Chapter 8: Trilingual primary education in the Southern Part of Carinthia / 8.1 Context
8.2 Input
8.3 Process
8.4 Output
8.5 Additional Information
8.6 References Georg Gombos Chapter 9: Trilingual primary education in Luxembourg / 9.1 Context
9.2 Input
9.3 Process

9.4 Output
9.5 References Sabine Ehrhart Chapter 10: A Trilingual School in North Frisia / 10.1 Context
10.2 Input
10.3 Process
10.4 Output
10.5 Additional Information
10.6 References Alastair Walker Chapter 11: Trilingual Primary Education in the Valencial Community / 11.1 Context
11.2 Input
11.3 Process
11.4 Output
11.5 Additional Information
11.6 References Maria Juan-Garau and Carmen Pérez Vidal

9789490719036 (hbk)

European Union countries--Linguistic minorities--Education (Elementary).
European Union countries--Education, Bilingual.
European Union countries--Multilingualism in children.
European Union countries--Education, Elementary.
European Union countries--Language and education.

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